Umuoji Improvement Union (North America), Inc. v. Umuoji Improvement Union (North America), Inc. (MA) et al. (D. Mass. 20-cv-12229).

Plaintiff UIU is a Nebraska non-profit corporation made up of descendants of Umuoji, Nigeria, and which raises funds to benefit people of that region. UIU sued defendants UIU (MA) and UIU, Massachusetts, Inc., both Massachusetts non-profit corporations, as well as Victor Ide-Okoye and his wife Ogor Okoye, who are officers of the two Massachusetts corporations. According to the complaint, Ide-Okoye was removed as president of UIU in 2018 for embezzling UIU funds. Ide-Okoye then allegedly created the two defendants corporations as counterfeit organizations designed to fool donors into believing that they were UIU. He is said to have used UIU letterhead to create falsified board meeting minutes that purported to close out UIU as a Nebraska corporation and to establish it instead as a Massachusetts corporation. UIU (which was never dissolved in Nebraska) brings counts of trade infringement and false designation of origin under the Lanham Act, use of counterfeit marks in violation of Mass. G.L. c. 110 section 12, fraud, unjust enrichment, slander of title, and tortious interference with contracts.

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