Vigilone v. 15 Beacon Street Corp. et al. (D. Mass. 19-cv-12486).

Keith Vigilone sued 15 Beacon Street Corp., Beacon Street LLC, and Paul Roiff, the president of the corporation and manager of the LLC, accusing them of misusing a copyrighted photograph of the Prudential Building with “GO PATS” emblazoned in the building lights and reflected off of the Charles River.  Vigilone asserted that the defendants used the photograph on the website for XV Beacon Hotel.  Judge Stearns has now granted Vigilone’s motion to amend the complaint to add Luxe Social Media and its manager, Tiffany Dowd, who the defendants had engaged to manage their social media.  While the time for amending the complaint by right had passed, meaning that “good cause” standard applied to the motion to amend, Judge Stearns noted that Vigilone only found out about Luxe’s role through discovery, and did not unduly delay upon so discovering, demonstrating good cause.

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