Lando & Anastasi Moving to Boston

After 15 years with my firm in Cambridge (and 17 years of the firm itself being in Cambridge), Lando & Anastasi is moving downtown – specifically, to 60 State Street in Boston.  Kendall Square has grown considerably since my first day in May 2005, growing from a largely vacant area of one-story warehouse space and only a couple of places to grab lunch to a bustling center of commerce.  While we will miss the old neighborhood (and I will miss my view of the Charles River),20190924_181823

we are all very excited to move to the heart of Boston.  Our new office, located on the 23rd floor of 60 State Street, will foster the collaborative culture in which we all thrive. We look forward to providing our clients the same dedicated service from our new location, just steps from Boston’s historic Faneuil Hall.  First day in the new place is Monday!

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